Unbekannter Soldat: the body of a dead SS-Scharführer, hanging on barbed wire (probably died of hypothermia).

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carriebou: Victim of WWII

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Post spinal surgery incision on a scoliosis patient

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Out of ammunition. God save the King.

One of the last transmissions sent from the surrounded British paratroopers in Arnheim during the ill-fated Operation Market Garden, 1944. (via bantarleton)

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How A Fetus Forms A Face

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Shelia Eddy’s tweet the day her best friend Skylar’s body was found. Shelia, along with her friend Rachel Shoaf, killed 16 year old Skylar Neese 8 months earlier because they “didn’t like her anymore”.

She posted the following tweets a month before Skylar’s body was found.

"Isn’t it weird to think that when you lose something it’s still gonna exist whether you ever find it or not".

"Tired of losing sleep over this".

"Was really waiting for Skylar to come home today".

"#searchforskylar <3".

"No one on this earth can handle me and Rachel if you think you can you’re wrong".

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"A box of shotgun shells are visible next to Kurt Cobain’s foot in a newly released photos from the Seattle Police Department 20 years after the Nirvana front man’s suicide."

Wow it feels like my heart just stopped. Tears actually came to my eyes just now wow.

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