GUANGZHOU, CHINA - JULY 15: (CHINA OUT) Han Bingbing, an 11-year-old girl from Heilongjiang, lies on a hospital bed after a surgery that removed her 15kg intraperitoneal tumor at 4PM on July 15, 2014 in Guangzhou, China. Han Bingbing, an 11-year-old girl from Heilongjiang, successfully received an 8-hour surgery operation to remove an intraperitoneal tumor. After 4 years, the tumor had reached a weight of 15kg and a size bigger than two footballs. As of June 18th, the tumor filled 5/6 of Bingbing’s abdomen and caused her internal organs to gradually collapse.


Nicknamed “octogoat,” the baby also had both male and female reproductive organs, leading local vets to believe that the newborn’s condition was a result of an under-developed twin, ITV reported today.

"I counted his legs and I thought I was seeing things. Then I called my neighbor to make sure that I am not crazy," farmer Zoran Paparic told inSerbia.

He said his goat Sarka gave birth to the kid at his farm in Kutjevo, in northeast Croatia.

It’s unlikely the goat will survive, the vets said, but Paparic said he would keep the goat as a pet if it survives.”

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What is a flotation tank?

500 kg of Epsom salts are added to 1000 litres of water, creating a 30 cm deep solution, which is heated to 35.5 degrees C (skin temperature).

The temperature of the water means that once you are settled in the tank, it is virtually impossible to distinguish between parts of the body that are in contact with the water, and those that aren’t, in effect “fooling” the brain into believing that the person is floating in mid-air.


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Vile photos show the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border no one is talking about

With a spate of huge stories breaking in the past few weeks, you might not have caught the massive environmental crisis in northern Mexico that began earlier in August.

According to the Associated Press, local politicians claim that Grupo Mexico, a private mining company in Sonora with a troubling track record of hazardous waste violations in Mexico and the U.S., was slow to report a disastrous fault in its leaching ponds, which hold industrial acid used in the mining process. The spill released around 10 million gallons of acid into the Bacanuchi and Sonora Rivers.

20,000 people were without water | Follow micdotcom 

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Although there are over 400 types of leeches, the Hirudo medicinalis is said to be the most effective leech used in medical practice. Medicinal leeches have three jaws(tripartite) that look like little saws, and on them are about 100 sharp teeth used to incise the host. The incision leaves a mark that is an inverted Y inside of a circle. After piercing the skin and injecting anticoagulants(hirudin) and anaesthetics, they suck out blood. Large adults can consume up to ten times their body weight in a single meal, with 5-15 ml being the average volume taken. These leeches can live for up to a year between feeding.

i love leeches

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i wish there was something where you could enter symptoms/characteristics of a disorder you don’t know and it comes up with it on the spot omg